Hi! Welcome to Shop Nelly, I am so glad you are here!
My name is Kirsten and I am the owner of Shop Nelly Boutique. I started Shop Nelly in December of 2019. Owning a clothing store has always been a dream of mine and I never thought it was something I could accomplish until I got a college degree. All throughout high school and early college, I would spend a lot of time dreaming, planning, and waiting. I finally decided to pull the trigger my sophomore year of college because I knew I was ready to take the leap of faith. 
Owning a business and being in school full-time has its ups and downs, but I am so glad that I made the decision that I did. I feel like now more than ever, we are very lucky to be in a technology heavy world because it has opened up opportunities that never used to be available... and they are all just a few clicks away! With that being said, I am able to follow my dream by taking online classes and owning a store that is mostly online-- the best of both worlds! 
Whenever I am asked "what type of style clothing does your store carry", I never know what to respond because my style is always evolving and so is Shop Nelly's. I have never been one to stick to one specific style or trend... I wear what I feel and Shop Nelly definitely depicts that. 
I hope Shop Nelly's clothing helps to make you feel confident, beautiful, and loved with every order! Thank you for supporting my dream and helping Shop Nelly grow.