HQ Renovation + Why It's Called An HQ

HQ Renovation + Why It's Called An HQ

What even is the HQ & why is it called that?!

When we decided to lease the HQ, we needed a space to grow into. At the same time, we did not want to commit to a full-fledged storefront for a few reasons. Those reasons being:

  • Signing a lease in a traffic heavy, modern looking, centralized strip mall usually means you are committing to at least a 5 year lease. This can vary, but it is not common to find a short term lease for a commercial space.
  • I learned that commercial spaces typically are not flat rates -- other than what you pay in rent, you will also have NNN fees, utility fees, and many other miscellaneous fees. This can typically up your monthly rent by thousands of dollars (especially NNN fees). This is very normal, but for our small business it was not attainable nor was it a decision that I could make with confidence in our longevity.
  • I really enjoy having a flexible schedule. I like going on trips, taking time off, and tend to tweak my schedule often -- I could not commit to hours of a traditional storefront because it would be only me working those hours. This lead me to think -- if I am already working 40 hours alone in the store, when will I have time to do computer work, creative work, and the other tasks? 

On the other hand, there are a lot of positives that can come from having a physical location. Those reasons being: 

  • Giving our customers the opportunity to try our clothing on, feel the quality, and interact with us in person rather than via Instagram or our website. 
  • Having a location allows us to offer local pick up in a more professional setting rather than off of our porch. 
  • Separating work and personal life. Operating a business out of your home is amazing, but you can never truly turn it off when it is in your personal space. 

So, you may be wondering... then what the heck did you do?! 

We found an office space. This office space needed a lot of work -- but we did not have to commit to a long-term lease, open 7 days a week, hire employees, or take an enormous step that we were not ready for. That is why it is called the HQ and not our storefront! Because it is a place for us to work, store inventory, host events, record and shoot content, ship out of, and so much more. 

So now the question is, why is it staged like a store? 

I figured, if I will be here working on specific days -- why not open our doors for our customers to try on their online cart, shop new inventory, and feel the clothing. So, we have a staged show-room at the front of our bay showcasing our online inventory without the pressure of having to fill an entire few-thousand square foot store. Untraditional, we know, but extra special. 

Now the showroom is open 4 days a week with minimal hours for in person shopping or online order pick ups! We have the best of both worlds without having to count on foot traffic to make ends meet -- our showroom is looked at as a bonus☺


HQ Renovation

Another thing that makes the HQ extra special is the fact that we renovated everything ourselves! It was a task, but renovating the HQ is something that I will never forget. We typically worked on the space at night, as I was finishing school and my boyfriend works full-time. But we would turn on our favorite tunes, grab some beers from our neighbors, and get to working. 

If you love a good transformation, here is the HQ renovation timeline:

The day we signed the lease: 

Before pictures:

Showroom before: 

Office room before:

During renovation: 

Prepping & painting.

First coat of primer on the wood.

Tearing out the carpet.

Placing the underlayment for the flooring & prepping for the flooring. 

Getting the flooring installed. Shoutout to my boyfriend, his brother in-law, and his best friend for tackling this. I was essentially no help, but I did make trips to McDonalds for McChickens and trips to Infusion for beer refills. 

Hanging fixtures and decorations. Fun fact, our fitting room was supposed to be in the back nook where our point of sale is now [the fitting room was not intended to be our bathroom] BUT the walls holding the curtain rod actually ended up being two completely different lengths. So, the curtain rod would not stay with curtains. Tragic, but we made it work. 

Then came hanging fixtures and getting our inventory inside the HQ. 

And lastly, we put up the trim (we did order the wrong height first, so it was unfortunately the last thing we did). And decorations!!

Last but not least GRAND OPENING DAY REVEAL. My fav reel of all time:


So, now you know everything there is to know about the HQ! Untraditional, but extra special☺

You can swing by and shop with us every week Tuesday + Thursday [3-7pm] or Wednesday + Friday [12-5pm]. Located at 6277 S 118th St [next door to Infusion Brewery Southwest].